Yoga Studio & Wellbeing Services

Yoga Bespoke

Group Studio Classes 

Tailored Yoga for your staff, in your home, at your place of work or in my studio

Wellbeing Events & Team Building Days in mid-Sussex 


Which class for beginners?

You can attend any of our classes, we suggest you start with Hatha All Levels. We have been welcoming beginners in our classes since 2011 & are ready to help you transition from beginner to happy-daily-yoga-goer!


Your Yoga Studio

Come to the studio; enjoy the fresh air & open space, take a class or book the studio for your own event. We have hosted christenings, baby showers & retreats for many lovely visitors


Your Personal Yoga Teacher

Yoga you can do, taught where you need it, by an experienced, full time teacher with 25+ years experience. Fit the Yoga to you & stop the rushing.

Studio group classes & bespoke yoga

We all know we need to move our bodies for them to feel good. How do we fit that in with work & families? Mostly, we don't & then we feel guilty. Yoga Bespoke has a fully kitted out  studio & also brings Yoga to you at home or work, to fit in with your life.

Yoga is for the mind, we use the body as a tool for creating mental stability. Once we have mastery over the body, we can access this same stabilty using the breath. We can then access stillness & meditation at will. It's a process, requiring a student & a teacher. The benefits of regular yoga are manifold & far reaching, with regular practice.